How ex-Muay-Thai Champion Orel Shitrit Founded and Scaled His Digital Agency into an Industry Leader

Very few athletes pick themselves up after leaving a sport, either due to an injury or other reasons. Since they were used to their lives revolving around their chosen sport, most find it difficult to adjust to regular life without it. However, there are few like Orel Shitrit, who pick themselves up and get involved in different businesses.

Orel Shitrit is a former Muay Thai champion who was doing well in the sport until he suffered a career-ending leg injury during a fight. When he was told that he couldn’t fight anymore due to his injury, he had to reassess his life’s goals and figure out what to do since all his plans previously revolved around Muay Thai and MMA. During his recovery and rehabilitation process, when he had lots of time on his hands, an idea came to him – he could do social media marketing.

“This idea came as a result of me spending too much time online since I had nothing else to do while waiting for my leg to heal,” Shitrit explains. “I figured that since so many people spend countless hours on social media, then I could just as well use the platforms for marketing. I read so many books and did online courses on social media and digital marketing so that I could have enough knowledge to build my company.”

His social media agency that he started in 2019, Noble Media & Partners, grew from a small company to a vast agency that top influencers and brands reach out to for marketing themselves. The company specializes in digital marketing, preparing product launches, e-commerce, and public relations. 

“I help individuals and companies build their online brands using my tried-and-tested methods for follower growth and engagement,” says Shitrit.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Shitrit decided to help small business owners and influencers who were negatively affected by the pandemic by offering free consultation. He gave them advice on how to thrive and develop their business even with the pandemic. With his guidance, many small businesses remained in operation instead of closing down and increased their revenue.

As a social media marketing expert, Orel Shitrit has a lot to offer to his clients. You can find him on his website.