How Dr. Ramin Tabib Uses Innovative Dental Solutions at His Clinic

How Dr. Ramin Tabib Uses Innovative Dental Solutions at His Clinic

Like any other field, dental surgery is always evolving, and this requires all players in this industry to adopt new ways of doing things. Dr. Ramin Tabib is one of those dentists that embrace new technologies and using them to provide the best possible dental solutions to his clients at NYC Smile Design. His clinic is well-equipped with some of the latest dental equipment, which they use to diagnose and treat patients.

Dr. Ramin Tabib is also an educated man with lots of qualifications and training that only a few dentists in New York have. Some of these include; a BA in Biology at the State University of New York, a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree at Columbia University of Dental surgery, training certificate in Diagnosis and placement of dental implants at the Misch Implant Institute, and many more.

His treatment methodology.

Besides offering treatment, Dr. Ramin Tabibalso has the skill of giving his patients emotional support, which helps them recover much faster. After treatment, Dr. Ramin Tabib also advises his patients on ways to maintain the best dental health because he believes treatment alone is not enough to solve their dental problems.

His role as a CEO at NYC Smile Design.

Being the CEO at this clinic, Dr. Ramin Tabib has to motivate his team to be passionate and motivated to get work done each day. He also shares his expertise and knowledge in the field with the rest of the team to ensure they know what to do while handling all patients that visit this clinic. So, on a day-to-day basis, Dr. Ramin Tabib has to play the role of being both the dental surgeon and a business leader of the company.

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