How a Young Woman is Helping People Understand the Importance of Fitness: Featuring Fitness2Flash and Founder Rinku Shah

As we live in a world surrounded by technology, physical and mental fitness is something that is getting overlooked by many. We are neglecting the fact that fitness and good health are closely related. A fit person can live life to its fullest. People who strive for being fit realize that it helps them in several ways. Health and mental illnesses never tend to affect them. That is why fitness is something that we should be more aware of and strive to achieve. To help with this goal of achieving fitness, Rinku Shah and her community Fitness2Flash ( are making efforts to help people.

Rinku Shah is a rising name in the fitness industry. She is a certified professional in fitness training and sports nutrition. Before becoming a fitness trainer, she worked for over 12 years in the airline industry. Fitness was something that she always found appealing and her personal experience with recovery from an injury helped her to take up a career in fitness coaching. The start was in the form of a WhatsApp group but slowly it transformed into a Facebook community page where she has over 152k+ followers to date from different parts of the world.

Fitness2Flash is one of the largest community of women that empowers women to build strength, confidence and trust along their journey to a healthy and fit life. They have expert and certified fitness trainers who are passionate about coming up with exercise and nutrition programs that optimize workout efficiency, enhance fitness, elevate stamina, and develop an overall sense of well-being. While most trainers focus on weight, Rinku Shah and her team – through Fitness2Flash – advises all to “focus on your health.” While weight is a part of aesthetics, health is something that matters the most. When you build your muscles, lose those extra inches, you ensure you are taking the right step towards a healthy lifestyle.

On the website of Fitness2Flash, there are 2 options provided to the visitors. In one option, they provide a magazine in the form of a subscription. It acts as a gateway to diet plans, workout plans, etc. These things can be easily adopted by any normal person to become fit and live a healthy life. The target is usually people, especially women, who are very busy in life and find it difficult to exercise. There are currently 6 internationally qualified trainers working for Fitness2Flash but the number will soon grow rapidly.

Rinku Shah believes the ultimate key to the success of any fitness company is ‘Trust’. As she puts it, the community trusts that her experience and regimes will help them to become fit and for that, she is forever striving hard. Apart from fitness, the website of Fitness2Flash ( also provides services such as mentorship, interaction, one-on-one interaction. In the one-on-one interaction, they provide constant online support in the form of video calls and chats. If you have a female friend or you are interested in getting at the peak of fitness in your life, Rinku Shah and her Fitness2Flash will be a life-changer.

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