Hospitality mogul Deshae Maitland thinks of the future of his dynasty brand

Hospitality mogul Deshae Maitland thinks of the future of his dynasty brand

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you” -Oprah Winfrey

Clubs may be closed but Deshae’s dream is still alive. Despite the slowdown, specially in the events and hospitality industry, Maitland promises to come back stronger than ever when the pandemic is over.

The founder of Dynasty Events Deshae Maitland aspires to be a mogul like Jay Z and P Diddy – total black excellence. Being a black owned business, Deshae’s Dyansty Events believes that hard work and sticking at what you love always pays off in the end.

Deshae’s rule ?
‘I don’t let certain circumstances hold me back in life. In the years to come, I see myself owning nightclubs, bars, restaurants and being a thought leader in the hospitality industry in North America’.

Deshae started his business at the age of 15 and has acquired 10 years of knowledge in this field. He believes in extending his learnings from his mistakes as mentoring other entrepreneurs and teaching them the basic skills to run a successful business.

Dynasty Events and Deshae have a reputation for creating truly unforgettable moments in every event handled. Since the past 10 years and even today I continue to specialize in all the areas of event marketing that revolve in nightclubs

The agency has experience in throwing the biggest social and corporate parties by having thousands in attendance. These parties have been so exclusive that They were almost always sold out, making it very difficult for people to get in. Deshae recalls, ‘You had to know someone in order to get into that party, it was that exclusive. You couldn’t just walk in.’ Dyansty Events are proud to say that they have thrown parties for Drakes artists and the weekends artists as well.

With Deshae’s vision and hard work, Dynasty Events plans to deliver the best of the best experiences for their clients in the future.

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