Hitesh RathodA 21 Old Boy Starts Marketing Consultancy

Yes, you read right here, a very passionate, dedicated boy who dropped out of college to just fulfil dreams of others as his own,

Realising at a very early stage of his life that one of the major problem in India is unemployment.

Rathod Hitesh as known as Hitesh Viratian from Rajkot, Gujrat started out with the sole purpose to generate employment agency (consultancy) which helps people to join any company or factory without any Godfather , money or any influence.

With first-hand knowledge about employees and labour contracts he started his consultancy.

Clear vision as CLESION Pvt. Ltd. A company based at Ahmedabad (Head Office), which helps unemployed and labours to find jobs all over India.

Can’t you fulfil your dreams here…??

We value your talent as well as your life…

Employment Agency.

We provide job opportunities for unemployed, professional, undergraduates and labour in various companies & factories.

Please check out his company @ https://clesion.ueniweb.com/

You can follow him on Instagram @hitesh__viratian18         

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