Hillary Clinton posts a dance photo in solidarity with Finland’s PM, and she replies

“Keep Dancing,” previous former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tweeted Sunday, loaning her own help to Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, whose preference for celebrating has drawn worldwide consideration.

Clinton’s post incorporated a photograph of herself, hitting the dance floor with a major grin all over in a jam-packed club during a 2012 excursion to Colombia while still secretary of state. It closed with the words “Continue to move, Sanna Marin.”

Marin immediately answered, tweeting back, “Thank you Hillary Clinton,” and including a heart emoji.

An as of late spilled video showed Marin moving and celebrating with a gathering of companions and famous people.

Pundits said it showed unseemly way of behaving for a state leader, while others – presently including Clinton – have guarded the 36-year-old legislator’s all in all correct to partake in a confidential occasion with friends.

Marin told individual individuals from her Social Democratic coalition that it was vital to release now and again.

“I’m human. What’s more, I excessively some of the time long for euphoria, light and fun in the midst of these foreboding shadows,” said Marin, the world’s most youthful state head. She added that she had not missed “a solitary day of work.”

However, she experienced further blowback when a photograph arose of two ladies lifting their tops during a party at the top state leader’s home in July.

Marin again apologized.

Clinton, who is 74, headed the State Department from 2009 to 2013 under president Barack Obama.

In 2016, she was the Democratic possibility for US president. However vigorously preferred, she lost to land tycoon Donald Trump in a shocking upset.