Harold Reid, of the Statler Brothers’ country singer dies at 80

Harold Reid, of the Statler Brothers’ country singer dies at 80

Harold was the bass vocalist and comic. The Statler Bros became well known by opening for Johnny Cash path in ’64. They had a too large hybrid hit the following year with “Flowers on the Wall.”

The gathering caught up with more hits, including “Bed of Roses” and “The Class of 57,” which scored a Grammy.

The greatest radio hit for the gathering – “Do You Know You Are My Sunshine.” That tune went to #1 and was trailed by more #1 hits – “Elizabeth,” “My Only Love,” and “Too Much on My Heart.”

On the whole, The Statler Bros had 66 singles diagram on Billboard nation. Truly astonishing.

The gathering additionally wandered into TV … they had a theatrical presentation on TNN from 1991 to 1997.

The official articulation peruses,”He is and will always be loved by his family, friends and millions of fans. His singing, his songwriting and his comedy made generations happy. He has taken a piece of our hearts with him.”

Harold was 80. RIP.

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