Gujarati professional photographer Hitesh Patel’s love for meaningful cinema makes him a producer of Marathi film

Businessman and debut producer Hitesh Patel believes that right type of content portrayed in an appealing form, scale at which it is made and released makes a brilliant movie.

Any films’ most important part is its finances. Those who hold the film together are the producers and financiers. One such producer is Hitesh Patel, founder of ‘Kalpana rolling pictures productions’, who is about to release its first Marathi film ‘Neighbours.’

The well-established entrepreneur and now producer believes in content driven films. “When I met Vinay Gholap, writer-director of Neighbours, he narrated the script. Though being a Gujarati and film being in Marathi; I didn’t think twice about the language of the film. I was intrigued by the content, I saw potential in it and thought of producing it. I am going to support good and meaningful cinemas like ‘Neighbours’ that can be enjoyed with family. Also, now OTT platforms have changed the game. Today there is no barrier for language and only matters is good content.”

Very few know that, this multifaceted producer is not only a filmmaker but also a passionate professional photographer. Whose admiration towards photography has actually inspired and driven him into filmmaking.

It turned out Hitesh had an easy eye for the camera. He explains his natural affinity, “I have always been an ardent traveller and I would click images throughout my trips and hence fell in love with photography. During my higher studies in Pune I started taking lessons in photography too. It was inevitable that my artistic and professional sides would mix into one. That’s the story of me venturing into filmmaking.”

Being behind the camera was destined for Hitesh. “I think it all goes back to my childhood when my parents had gifted me a camera on my birthday. Then, I knew nothing about camera, lenses and its technicalities but was just happy clicking and using this medium to express myself.”

He added, “Photography and filmmaking are in sync with each other. Both capture images in the hopes of telling a story. I guess by turning into a filmmaker I have only changed the medium to express.”

Hitesh aspires to foster films fuelled by quality content and creative thoughts. He has made three short films before producing this Marathi film ‘Neighbours’. Though he comes from a Gujarati background, he is well versed with Marathi. Because Marathi is not alien for him; he has opted to produce his first film in Marathi language. Hitesh intends to produce not just fresh but meaningful content always. We wish him luck and success.