Gram Loyal founder Hamzah Rasul believes that a good relationship is a key to a successful SMM strategy

From helping small business owners expand their social media page as a passive source of income to starting his own company to work with prominent influencers like Floyd Mayweather, Hamzah Rasul has learned a lot. He and his team have helped over 1000+ brands gain traction on a platform like Instagram and Facebook. With eight years of experience under his sleeve and a genius mentality for generating organic social media growth, there’s a lot he can share with upcoming digital and social media marketers.

Hamzah himself has an audience of over 9 million followers on Instagram, benefitting from invaluable tips he shares from time to time to grow your account. Anyone following him on the social media app could gain exposure for their own Instagram page and growth consultation with the founder of the company himself.

Hamzah Rasul founder of Gram Loyal is a man of power when it comes to social media. He can provide you deep insights when it comes to struggling to create a plan of action. But more than that, he advises his clients and followers to build a good relationship with their audience. Nurturing a healthy relationship is directly proportional to your leads turning into loyal clients or the most active member on your page. The second most crucial thing that Gram Loyal urges people to focus on is its quality. Because, without quality, no matter what, the engagement rate will drop.

For Gram Loyal, communication, relationships, and networking have helped expand his business worldwide. It got him to keep going even during the hard times. However, when your SMM strategy is stuck, Hamzah advises you to focus on one particular thing and give it your best. Working hard and not smart is quintessential to planning social media strategies.

He says that it’s not just about you but working as a whole with your team. There will undoubtedly be problems looking to stick their legs in your path towards your goal. What matters is how you stay focused and continue to practice the critical facets of the social media marketing that Hamzah Rasul talks about.