Google will open New categories of Android Auto apps on Play Store soon

Around eight months prior Google made the way for a more extensive variety of apps that would integrate directly with Android Auto. The new categories were navigation apps (alternative to Android Auto’s standard Google Maps), parking assists and locators, and databases for electric vehicle charging stations. Presently those applications can carry out to clients, no beta testing required.

New applications specifically mentioned in Google’s developer post include, yet aren’t limited to:

  • T Map – Korean navigation app
  • ChargePoint – a ddatabase and map of electric vehicle charging with payment processing
  • Sygic – offline navigation app
  • PlugShare – a database of EV charging points with a route planner
  • AmiGo – car and bike sharing
  • 2GIS – offline navigation app
  • A Better Routeplanner – a better EV route planner, allegedly
  • Flitsmeister (Truckmeister) – a safety app for truck drivers

Not these applications will instantly work with Android Auto for non-beta clients, however the updates to utilize the Android Auto framework for maximum visibility and minimized touch interaction ought to show up sooner rather than later. Google’s seriously pushing functionality for electronic vehicle help applications specifically.

Different developers can start working with the Android for Cars App Library in Jetpack today, and publish the necessary updates to the Play Store at whatever point they’re prepared.

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