Google revealed Halloween game is a ‘Magic Cat Academy’ with doodle sequel of this year

Recently, Google revealed a few themed 3D Animals, including a sausage — truly — and moving skeleton.

With Halloween in 24 hours, Google is kicking the 2020 festival into full rigging with a continuation of the Magic Cat Academy Doodle from four years prior.

The reason behind the 2016 Doodle saw you assume responsibility for “freshman feline Momo on her mission to rescue her school of magic.” This game has you swipe — either with a finger or mouse cursor — your wand to coordinate images that show up above “wicked spirits” so as to project them out.

Levels get logically harder with more ghosts (and shape mixes) meeting on you, however this feline — suitably — has five lives and the capacity to get shields. Your score is noted in the upper right corner.

For Halloween 2020, the Magic Cat Academy continuation Google Doodle happens submerged “with new friends, old foes, and spooky surprises.” This “subaquatic shriek-quel” has new oceanic enemies in each level: Immortal Jellyfish, Boops, Vampire Squid, and Angelfish.

It’s live at the present time and will stay on for the following 48 hours. You can likewise get to straightforwardly at whenever here. The game works best on a touchscreen however is playable on PC trackpads.

In the interim, “Hey Google, tell me a riddle” in the US (English) dispatches a creepy themed question room experience. Other Assistant orders include:

  • “Sing the Halloween song” — This tune is accessible in Arabic, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Spanish, English around the world, just as Portuguese in Brazil. It recounts the tale of a werewolf, apparition, and vampire.
  • “Haunt my house” — Assistant will play Halloween sounds and music, just as glimmer savvy lights through a violet, green, and orange grouping.

Essentially, the Nest Hello video doorbell brought back “Spooky sounds” not long ago. “Black Cat” and “Werewolf” join apparition, vampire, beast, and witch until November 1.