Google Pixel 6 might receive Apple iPhone’s UWB connectivity feature

Google Pixel 6 might receive Apple iPhone’s UWB connectivity feature

Google’s Pixel 6 has effectively been bits of hearsay since recent week. The device is said to show up not long from now and a some of the features have been leaked or hinted as well. Presently, it has been reported for that the search giant is experimenting with ultra-wideband or UWB connectivity for the Pixel 6 line of devices. On the off chance that it sounds recognizable, UWB is the same tech that is available in Apple’s iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 family of smartphones. It is additionally present in AirTags Bluetooth tracker. The advantage of this wireless connectivity tech is that it makes a secure connection with a gadget rapidly yet just for close range devices.

This news came from XDA Developer’s Mishaal Rahman on Twitter. In a tweet, he mentioned that Google is working on bringing UWB support to a forthcoming device that is codenamed as ‘Raven’. It is said to be one of the devices from the Pixel 6 family. Another handset reputed to dispatch close by ‘Raven’ is ‘Oriole’. These two are additionally said to run on Google’s reputed Whitechapel GS101 chipset.

According to they, it is likewise said that the UWB hardware tech is being developed by Qorvo. A few clues on Google bringing UWB tech is dropped in open source UWB code for Android 12. The code decides how far two UWB devices are put from one another and at what point they are being brought together.

Google’s Whitechapel SoC has been in tales since last year. At the time, reports had said Whitechapel was a piece of the organization’s endeavors to make its own SoC for Pixel smartphones and Chromebooks much like Apple’s chipsets utilized in iPhones, iPads and Mac PCs. Once, Google was likewise hinted to co-develop the chipset ith Samsung.

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