Google is rolling out a redesign of the Lens app on Android that de-emphasizes the live viewfinder

Google is rolling out a redesign of the Lens app on Android that de-emphasizes the live viewfinder

Google is rolling out an update of the devoted Lens application on Android that extraordinarily de-emphasizes the live viewfinder. Maybe, the attention is presently on analyzing existing images and screen captures in your camera roll.

This Google Lens upgrade sees tapping the homescreen symbol — accessible by downloading an “application” from the Play Store — open to an altogether new view. The top third of this screen has a place with a “Search with your camera” section that shows a live see. You can either swipe down or tap to get to the past Google Camera-inspired UI, which has one little change that shows a review of your gallery in the bottom-right corner. One nice design detail sees the base corners curved.

Next on this page is a 4 x 2 matrix of recent “Screenshots” with “View all” in the upper right corner opening a full page grid of captures. “All pictures” below includes your camera roll and can be interminably looked over.

This change presents a fascinating flight for Google Lens, and yet this could be essential for an improvement. Google Lens has consistently centered around “live” analysis in the wake of seeing something in reality. In any case, in the wake of existing for quite a long while, Google might have reached the resolution that if individuals see something intriguing in reality, take a picture first for posterity. Before, you were unable to save an image from Google Lens.

Notwithstanding, if individuals first snap a picture, a smarter work process would snap the shot and afterward utilizing the implicit Google Lens integration in some first-party camera applications. On Pixel telephones, long-press in the viewfinder until a four-shading circle shows up. In the event that that turns into the expected conduct, the Google Lens application on your homescreen should be redesigned.

While screen capture investigation is now effectively finished with the Google Photos application, having a devoted encounter that rapidly surfaces a screenshot and gives one-tap analysis would be better.

They are experiencing this Lens upgrade on version 12.26 of the Google application following a server-side update. This change is as of now accessible on Android and not iOS.

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