Google Doodle Celebrates Bolivia Independence Day 2020

The present Doodle celebrates Bolivia’s National Day, referred to locally as Día de la Patria. On this day in 1825, Bolivia–referred to then as Upper Peru–marked its Declaration of Independence and authoritatively turned into a sovereign country.

In festivity of Bolivia’s rich history, many eat great nearby dishes like chorizo or seared bread, while others respect Bolivian culture by dressing in the bowler caps and handwoven garments of the nation’s indigenous populace, the Aymara.

Portrayed in the Doodle work of art is the tri-shading Bolivian banner, which highlights three level groups of red, yellow, and green and the Bolivian escutcheon at its middle. Roosted on the cartouche in the crest is the meaningful national winged animal, the Andean condor. With a gigantic wingspan that can arrive at in excess of ten feet, the fledgling is among the biggest flying animals on the planet. Beneath it sits an adapted rendition of Mount Potosi with another of Bolivia’s notorious national creatures, the llama, at its base.

¡Feliz Día de la Patria, Bolivia!