Gond Katira is a Summertime Essential for These 5 Reasons

Finding natural methods to stay hydrated and cool is crucial when the summer heat intensifies and temperatures climb. The sap of the Astragalus tree is used to make gond katira, commonly referred to as tragacanth gum, a natural cooling agent. Throughout South Asia and the Middle East, traditional medicine and culinary traditions have been using this edible gum for ages.

Natural cooling properties

The inherent cooling properties of Gond Katira are among its main advantages. Gond Katira expands and turns into a jelly-like consistency when submerged in water, which aids in controlling body temperature. It’s a common natural way to beat the summer heat when consumed in drinks or desserts, as it can offer instant reprieve from the searing heat. This cooling quality is especially helpful for people who frequently get heat strokes or perspire a lot in the summer.

Hydration and electrolyte balance

In the summer, it’s important to stay hydrated, and Gond Katira does a great job of it. The body is able to retain water and stay hydrated for extended periods of time because to the mucilaginous structure of Gond Katira. It also helps to maintain electrolyte balance, which is essential for healthy muscles and general wellbeing. By incorporating Gond Katira into your diet, you may maintain consistent energy levels throughout the day and avoid dehydration.

Digestive health

Gond Katira has a reputation for improving intestinal health. In addition to preventing constipation, which is a common problem during the hot summer months when food habits may change, it functions as a natural laxative. Its calming qualities can also lessen acid reflux and stomach ulcer symptoms. Gond Katira ensures that your digestive system runs smoothly by fostering healthy digestion, so you may enjoy a pain-free summer.

Nutritional benefits

Gond Katira is high in fibre, calcium, magnesium, and other vital elements, and it has a number of other nutritional advantages. The fibre content facilitates satiety and aids in digestion, both of which can support healthy weight management. Magnesium and calcium support healthy bones and general physiological processes. Gond Katira is a nutrient-rich food that you may include in your diet to improve your general health and well-being during the summer.

Skin health

Summertime sun exposure can cause damage to your skin, including heat rashes, sunburns, and dehydration. The moisturising qualities of gond katira are advantageous for both internal and external skin health. Its inherent cooling properties aid in calming inflamed skin and lowering inflammation. Its moisturising properties can also aid in preserving skin hydration, making it silky and smooth. Gond Katira can be used to make face masks or taken internally on a daily basis to promote healthier, more beautiful skin.

How to incorporate gond katira into your diet

Gond Katira is adaptable and has multiple use for relieving summertime heat. Here are some easy ways to incorporate it into your diet:

Summer Drinks: To make a pleasant drink, soak Gond Katira in water overnight until it swells, and then add it to lemonade, rose water, or any other cooling beverage.

sweets: For a refreshing and wholesome treat, stir the soaked Gond Katira into milkshakes, Falooda, or yoghurt-based sweets.

Salads: To provide texture and a cooling effect, add a tablespoon of soaked Gond Katira to chilled soups or fruit salads.