Girl Scouts say, millions of boxes of cookies remain unsold because of the pandemic

Girl Scouts say, millions of boxes of cookies remain unsold because of the pandemic

Purchasing Girl Scout treats has become a long-awaited yearly tradition for some individuals in the US.

In any case, this year, the organization is faced with a unusual issue: Millions of boxes of cookies remain unsold, all due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Girl Scouts of the USA has 15 million boxes of unsold cookies in surplus this year, with around 12 million boxes that never even left the baking warehouses, the organization said in an statement to CNN.

“It’s exceedingly rare to have significant excess inventory but the pandemic greatly impacted our cookie program, despite demand for cookies remaining strong,” Girl Scouts said.

Ordinarily, Girl Scouts sells just shy of 200 million boxes of treats for each season, as per the organization. This present season’s numbers still can’t seem to be determined, yet as of June, not every one of them have sold.

It doesn’t imply that each regional council had an excess of unsold boxes, however. Young lady Scouts of Central Texas, for instance, disclosed to CNN they didn’t experience an overstock of boxes.

Young lady Scouts of the USA said that 100% of the returns from every cookie buy “stay local with the troop and its council to power essential leadership programming throughout the year, so we did everything we could to mitigate those losses to recoup lost revenue in addition to helping the bakers sell through their inventory.”

In years past, Girl Scout troops sold cookies outside grocery stories, libraries and in public parks. Yet, with the Covid-19 pandemic, numerous troops went digital-only. Some even took to social media to advertise cookies. The association additionally partnered with Grubhub in January to sell the cookies safely.

The additional cookie boxes aren’t accessible for singular buy, yet anybody interested can purchase cookies that will be given to first responders, food banks and “other worthy causes,” the organization said.

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