Giants vs. Buccaneers, Monday Night Football : Tampa Bay wins behind Tom Brady’s two TD passes and Daniel Jones’ two INTs

The Buccaneers, subsequent to following 14-3 in the first half, mobilized to beat the Giants 25-23 on “Monday Night Football.” Tampa Bay needed to perspire to get its 6th win, as new kid on the block cautious back Antoine Winfield Jr. separated Daniel Jones’ two-point pass that would have attached the game with 28 seconds left.

Tampa Bay parlayed two second-half interferences of Jones into 10 focuses. Tom Brady’s second from last quarter touchown pass to Rob Gronkowski gave the Buccaneers their first lead.

Tampa Bay, after a Giants field objective, re-picked up the lead on Brady’s eight-yard score pass to Mike Evans with 9:02 left. The Giants’ guard, which played well for the greater part of the night, allowed their group to attach the score subsequent to holding the Buccaneers to a field objective on their next drive.

Jones, who designed three Giants scoring drives prior in the game, finished two grasp fourth down passes prior to hitting Golden Tate for a 18-yard score with 18 seconds left. Jones, who hit Dion Lewis for a score in the main quarter, couldn’t interface with Lewis again on the Giants’ two-point endeavor, as the Buccaneers got away with their 6th win of the period.

Here are some prompt takeaways from Monday’s Bucs win:

Why the Buccaneers won

As the Giants chilled off, the Bucs warmed up, explicitly in all out attack mode side of the ball. Regardless of a moderate beginning, in which Tom Brady and Co. agreed to three straight handle objectives and couldn’t gather much with Ronald Jones on the ground, Bruce Arians’ crew streaked its weaponry – sans a harmed Chris Godwin and in-holding up Antonio Brown, recollect – barely.

Brady infrequently wowed yet made a huge showing spreading the ball everywhere on the field in the subsequent half, with eight unique targets pulling in any event two passes. Mike Evans came up huge with a feature reel score. Furthermore, Leonard Fournette ran hard in spite of simply normal numbers.

Protectively, Todd Bowles’ unit may have looked a ton more terrible if Daniel Jones had basically exploited a few one-on-one confounds, and it almost gave up a very late lead, yet at the same time profited by Jones’ deviant tosses to concoct two significant takeaways.

Why the Giants lost

As is frequently the situation while assessing Giants games, it’s difficult to state Daniel Jones was the main explanation New York lost, since he had some athletic and gutsy plays in key spots, pulling the G-Men inside two focuses on an exciting last drive. Very frequently, nonetheless, he was likewise the one keeping New York’s offense down.

Jason Garrett’s play-calling didn’t offer him a huge load of courtesies, yet Garrett likewise wasn’t answerable for by and large missing on a modest bunch of fully open profound shots, driving external tosses under tension and standing by too long to even consider delivering the potential game-tying two-point leave that finished behind fixing the Bucs’ success.

Once more, he was in good company; Garrett mysteriously called upon Alfred Morris for eight significant contacts, and Sterling Shepard seemed to misinterpret a future TD course. In any case, this wasn’t on the guard, which played extreme, got after Brady and held firm when it expected to. It was generally on a QB who streaked in any case neglected to do what’s needed of the easily overlooked details to merit the success.

Turning point

Second down. Second play from scrimmage in the subsequent half. The Giants started their first second from last quarter arrangement that full distance at their own personal 44-yard line after a major Dion Lewis kick return, with a genuine possibility at expanding an unexpected 14-6 lead at the break.

And afterward Ugly Daniel Jones raised his head, with the QB constraining a pass to Sterling Shepard while under tension and basically gifting Carlton Davis the main turnover of the game.

Tampa Bay continued to pull inside five on its next drive, at that point proceeded on its ensuing arrangement. The Giants in the end recaptured the lead, yet by that point, they’d just wasted an opportunity to go up enormous.

Play of the game

For as baffling as he seemed to be, Daniel Jones really made many pleasant tosses down the stretch, remembering for different third-and fourth-down spots. Be that as it may, the play of the day has a place with Mike Evans on the opposite side. For a major person, he moved and landed impeccably to make sure about Brady’s second TD of the night and put the Bucs up five late in the challenge.

What’s next

The Buccaneers (6-2) will be back in ideal time in six days, when they play host to their opponent New Orleans Saints (5-2) on “Sunday Night Football.” The Giants (1-7), in the interim, will take off in Week 9 for a NFC East matchup with the Washington Football Team (2-5).