Ghaiss Ghaiba Dubai based entrepreneur going great guns with DealApp

It is not often an easy affair to establish in the business world especially when we talk about places like Dubai. It becomes more difficult for the outsiders as they barely know much about this place and so the market. Thus dwelling in this place and doing wonders become a difficult nut to crack. However, for entrepreneurs like Ghass Ghaiba, the story is just the opposite. He is an outsider hailing from Syria but he always dreamt to be in Dubai to make his dream come true with his chosen domain business world.

He got educated in Lebanon completing his graduation in Business Management and Technology. It helped to develop entrepreneurship skills and explore even the technology, which has remained his another passion. He kept entertainment as his first choice to pursue his enterprise in Dubai when he shifted to this place in 2005. He headed to work in entertainment and events management companies. He gained good experience running and managing a few nightclubs. He then embarked with his own venture called Avenue Nightclub, which gave the people of Dubai a perfect nightlife.

He catered in such a way that he bagged a few awards in this domain winning big prizes for running the show smoothly. While being busy in his running entertainment domain, he was able to enter the technology domain coming out with an app called DealApp. It is an interesting app, which gives too many rewards while you shop a number of day to day products for your daily living. With the rewards point you are eligible to participate in a draw which is conducted under the supervision of Dubai Economy Department and help you win luxury products like garments, watches, gold and cars along with cash as well.

About Dealapp-
Make your usual shopping extraordinary. Buy the deal of your dreams with Dealapp.

Dealapp is an entertaining application that gives you the chance to win luxury prizes such as cars, watches, clothes, cash and gold while shopping for your daily used products . Each purchase gives you a free ticket and allows you to take part in a draw under the supervision of Dubai economy Department.
By buying ordinary items you may become the owner of extraordinary and luxurious products and Dealapp’s special gifts.
Start buying with Dealapp, have fun, and make your dreams come true

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