Gen-Z Entrepreneur Idrees Kickz Set to Revolutionize the e-Commerce Industry

Gen-Z Entrepreneur Idrees Kickz Set to Revolutionize the e-Commerce Industry

The youngest Canadian e-commerce entrepreneur lays out a few success tips for other aspiring e-commerce sneaker entrepreneurs.

In a world where most of the people are highly attracted and influenced by overnight successes, it is amazing to know about individuals who get past all these things and create their unique niche by fully concentrating on their efforts and taking each possible step to make it happen for them in their careers the way they want it. The e-commerce space over the years has given birth to some of the incredible most talents in the world and Mohammad Edris Hashimi, aka Idrees kickz remains at the top of this list from Canada as the youngest sneaker entrepreneur.

Many youngsters very early in their career can easily lose hope, self-doubting themselves and their potential to achieve their goals. However, Idreeskickz serves as a shining example of a youngster who broke the glass ceiling and went ahead to achieve tremendous success as the youngest entrepreneur from Canada in the e-commerce space. All this became possible for Idreeskickz because, since his childhood, he has been drenched in love with sneakers and always believed in his dreams to become an entrepreneur.

Today, Idrees kickz is the owner of his brand called ‘Woiair’ and is proving the world that immense passion and determination can turn ordinary youngsters into extraordinary entrepreneurs. Idrees kickz hails from Toronto, Ontario and started everything in the world of business at the age of 13. He sold stuff online and then moved ahead in the same with sneaker reselling of well-known brands and earned profits from the same.

Increasing his knowledge and experience right from the age of 13, Idrees kickz gained the required confidence to open up his own brand Woiair and at 19 years, turned into a multi-figure earning e-commerce business.

Today, he shares a few success tips to other aspiring sneaker entrepreneurs in the e-commerce space.

• Be passionate: Without passion, Idrees kickz says one would never feel the kick to grow their sneaker business to greater heights. Hence, the first tip for them would be to feel passionate about sneakers.
• Know how to identify authentic sneakers: In the process of reselling, one might lack the knowledge to identify the authentic and the fake ones. For this, individuals must keep learning each day about the different brands, their make and quality to identify the authentic ones much better.
• Learn business techniques for reselling: Getting into the business simply would not help an individual turn successful. Idrees kickz is of the view that one must put efforts in learning certain business techniques for excelling at the job of reselling these rare editions of sneakers to gain more profits.

Idrees kickz is all pumped up with energy to learn the business program from the university as very recently; he has graduated from high school. For Woiair, his brand he wishes to learn newer business strategies and techniques and double his knowledge in successfully carrying out his business in the e-commerce space.

Idrees kickz doesn’t want to stop anytime soon and wants to keep learning more and more things that can help him become a much more prominent name as the youngest businessman of Canada. People can connect with him on TikTok/Twitter/YouTube/Facebook/Instagram @idreeskickz.

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