“Gem of Sacramento” Popoffke brings a new wave to the music industry with its latest single “Chasing Dreams”:

“Gem of Sacramento” Popoffke brings a new wave to the music industry with its latest single “Chasing Dreams”:

Popoffke, the rising artist and is known as the gem of Sacramento, California. The Rapper and Music Composer is now talk of the town for his latest released song “Chasing Dreams.” “Chasing Dreams” has just been released on YouTube only a few weeks back and has reached the top list of most playlists.

Popoffke is a talented artist who needs no introduction as he is much famous in the music industry. Popoffke is not his real name though, this is his stage name. His real name is Kemar Young. Since his childhood, he was very good at playing the drums and slowly he learnt other instruments and later gained more and more knowledge of music. He became an expert in nearly all types of musical instruments. After college, he started his career as a rapper and also composed his own music and wrote his own songs. In the year 2020, he decided to take his career to the next level and released his music album officially. His latest song “Chasing Dreams.” is a real hit and has become a favourite of many music lovers.

Popoffke has a business mindset and has used it in his business promotion combine with his art and entrepreneurship. This is what has helped him to survive in this competitive industry. He has transformed himself from a rapper and composer to a well-established Brand. Apart from his talent in music and song, he is also well versed in marketing and advertisement which has helped him create a market for himself and capture the market of the music world. As we know that we have to face ups and downs in our life at every stage and it’s the self-determination and motivation that helps you overcome it. Popoffke also had to face some financial and mental issues in the past years. But as we know the passion within him to do something or to achieve something has led him to success. And this will make you more and more strong. So has been with Popoffke, all these hurdles have made him stronger and braver to overcome and rise again. Even after facing all the struggles Popoffke has always been positive and believed in the Lord God as he always says without god, I am nothing.

“Chasing Dreams” is now out and is creating records all over the social media platforms. It’s #50 on the USA best playlists. The single is all about his life experience and his journey as an upcoming artist and a young man. You can see and feel his musical abilities and his outstanding musical composition and his high-quality vocal performance in the song “Chasing Dreams”. He has mixed various styles of music to produce and authentic original music. Just 4 weeks after the release of this song and it has a massive view of 16.6 k on YouTube. Popoffke fans are increasing day by day, in response to his high-quality music earning him worldwide recognition, he has a plan to compose and produce more songs and music albums in this current year which would fetch him more fans and followers on different social media platforms. All his fans and followers are eagerly waiting for his next music release.

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