Gabrielle Union And Julianne Hough Are Out After Just One Season On America’s Got Talent

NBC’s hit reality series America’s Got Talent has been coming across a massive chat shakeup. According to the news reports, the new judges Julianee Hough and Gabrielle Union are no more on the show for one season.

It has been reported that Hough, an actress and a dancer, and Union, an NAACP image award-winning professional, will not be a part of the Season 15. They both replaced the long-time judges Heidi Klum and Melanie Brown (AKA Mel B. from the Spice Girls) from 14th Season onwards.

Insider’s reporter says that judges Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel are expected to be back in the 2020 season. He will be accompanied by host Terry Crews. However, the network has not announced who will be replacing the Hough and Union.

It is still not clear why Hough and Union are exiting the show this quickly. However, it is rather a common practice on AGT to cycle the judges in as well as out. Over the years, the series has been featuring Sharon Osbourne, Brandy Norwood, David Hasselhoff, Howard Stern, and Piers Morgan. The show has switched the hosts several times with Jerry Springer, Regis Philbin, Nick Cannon, and Tyra Banks hosting the show before the crews.

The talent show features several acts from across the country and the globe. It included dancers, singers, standup comics, magicians, and many more. When finale of last year aired on September 18th the program had more than 10 million viewers. It made itself to be one of the highest rated shows of the year coveting 18 to 49 demographics.

Union is moving to several other projects like L.A’s Finest, a female reboot of the Bad Boys film franchise. It is heading in to the second season. Union stars the Spectrum original series alongside the Jessica Alba. She has been the producer of the series. Season 2 is expected to premiere in year 2020.

As far as Hough is concerned, fans may see her in the new Netflix anthology series heartsrings, based on the legendary songs of country singer Dolly Parton.

Season 15 of America’s Got Talent will begin its production in March. It is scheduled to be premiered on NBC in summer 2020. The spin off America’s Got Talent: The Champions featuring top acts from the global Got Talent franchise will be premiered on January 6th on NBC.

News of Gabrielle Union And Julianne Hough Are Out After Just One Season On America’s Got Talent was not shocking as it can be termed as routine practice of the said show to change the judges. Celebrities get engaged in other projects, they tend to lack time for the show and hence they end up leaving it. It is pretty much normal. Few episodes and audience will get used to of the new judges. Rigor of the show would not be lost and this is what actually matters. Hold on and wait for the new season real soon in the upcoming year. 

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