Gabriel Maia partnered with his daughter to give the world delightful captures.

The father daughter duo have frozen some amazingly beautiful shots on camera.

What distinguishes Gabriel from others is his unique and distinct style of photography which comprises of beautifully captured landscapes and natural environment as the backdrop with a muse, which in most of his work is his daughter Rosiane. The ace photographer has trotted around the globe and captured some of the most mesmerizing places on earth. He has almost visited every nook and corner of the world to capture it’s beautiful essence through his camera lenses. From Indonesia to Israel, Iceland to America, Jordan, Mexico, Zimbabwe you name it, and he has been there and given the world some of the best captured moments on camera. Churning out masterpieces with Rosiane his side, Gabriel has created history by getting his photographs featured on Vogue Italia, which is extremely difficult to crack.

It’s interesting to know the story behind this successful photographer. Gabriel comes from Brazil, and has today created his own distinct mark in this creative field. Since a young age he was attracted towards this craft, and to hone his skills he purchased an Olympus- OM-2 camera which was one of the most advanced and costliest gadget of those times. It was a 35mm camera which was known for its features and high quality output. He started his photographic stint by clicking pictures of soccer matches which were being played in town. His obsession with clicking pictures was such that he would dwell deep into national parks to capture that perfect moment on camera, Crater Lake National Park, located in Oregon, being his favourite spot where he has clicked the most amazingly beautiful pictures of his life. Soon times changed, and the traditional old photographic methods took a back seat to make way for the digital medium. The old equipments were swept off the shelf and were replaced with the new age digital cameras from Canon and Fuji.

The new entrants along with the digital era were Gabriel’s children Bruno and Rosiane, both of whom developed keen interest in photography, just like their talented father. Out of both his children, Rosiane managed to gain in depth knowledge about the craft, such that some of her captures feature in the Vogue Italia, which in itself is a huge accomplishment. Apart from having aced her skills in photography, she is also a model and features in most of Gabriel’s photoshoots.

To catch a glimpse of some of the exceptionally mesmerizing captures of this father-daughter duo, one can visit Gabriel’s Instagram account –

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