Five Moves That Are Banned In UFC Fights

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full-contact fighting sport that combines various martial arts forms into one. For this reason, some people might think that it doesn’t involve any rules. However, that is not true as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has banned certain moves.

Although fighters are allowed to showcase their skills in various forms, there are rules in place to ensure safety and fairness.

UFC strictly prohibits the use of certain moves within the fighting ring and disobeying it leads to disqualification. In this article, we will walk you through five of the UFC illegal moves.

  • Eye Gouging

It is common sense that poking a person’s eyes can cause heavy damage, and this is why UFC prohibits eye gouging. This involves any deliberate attempt to insert thumbs or fingers into an opponent’s eye socket. Not only is this move highly dangerous, but it can cause severe injury, leading to permanent blindness. To maintain a safe and fair environment, the UFC strictly bans this technique.

  • 12-6 Elbows

UFC allows elbow strikes, but one specific type is strictly forbidden which is called the 12-6 elbow. This straight downward elbow strike can cause heavy injury to a fighter’s head. An opponent performing this move during a fight is disqualified. UFC has banned this move because it involves a higher risk of injury due to its trajectory.

  • Headbutts

UFC fighters are not allowed to use headbutts as an offensive move because it can lead to serious trauma and injury. It has the potential to cause irreplaceable damage to an opponent’s head. To ensure safety, fighters are prohibited from performing it during a fight.

  • Hair Pulling

Back when UFC just started, hair-pulling was legal and fighters were allowed to perform it on their opponents. But it is extremely uncomfortable and painful for fighters and should not be allowed in professional fighting. Fighters cannot use their opponent’s hair to gain an advantage, as this can lead to unfair control during the match.

  • Groin Strikes

Another move that’s off-limits in the UFC is striking an opponent’s groin area using knee strikes, punches, or kicks. Such strikes in the opponent’s groin area can cause excruciating pain and injury. A fighter gets only 5 minutes to recover from a groin attack and failing to do so leads to defeat or disqualification. Groin strikes are an unfair and dangerous technique.

These moves are prohibited in the UFC to protect the fighters and maintain the integrity of the sport. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an experienced fighter or a newbie; everyone is obliged to follow these rules.