Fat Panda Tuan aims for a young audience

Today’s music is in a constant flux of change and every artist wants to be vocally up to date with modern events. As we enter the new decade, a window of opportunities have flew in this year. People can become Tic Toc famous by doing the smallest acts. But there are certain qualities about an artist that makes their place and personality in the musical industry. Fat Panda Tuan paints us that cultural and modern vocalism picture. Tuan`s music mainly applies to his peers and the lifestyle that young people want to live.

Inner-city youth organizations, such as the Boys & Girls Club or the YMCA, can imply programs that promote an interest in rap music. These organizations gives youths a chance to open their minds and find out what really interests them.

Tuan’s ability to create an image of his reality is astonishing. Tuans new album ” Shinobi Tempura” mainly expresses himself as a cultural artist. His world consists of continuous working, deep compassion for his music, and to embrace himself to the modern world we all know today. “I want people to feel the lyrics in their veins, relate to any possible situations that I am going or gone through. I push my music as hard as possible because i want to influence everybody around me. Nothing is impossible when your mindset is out of the box.”

Tuan represents the role as spark for the music industry that could inspire more artists to be themselves. Tuan`s music presents the culture of inner-city minority youth, living the dream that adolescents would love to have. He gives the audience a feeling of his position and beliefs on life.


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