Fashion Weeks may be dead, says Fashion Editor Galina Antonova

We sat down with influencer and fashion editor Galina Antonova to talk about the future of the fashion industry.

Interviewer: Hi, thank you for making time for this interview

Galina Antonova: You are welcome

Interviewer: First, how are you coping with the quarantine during this Pandemic

Galina Antonova: It was a big adjustment for me in the beginning! I struggled with being isolated in quarantine and not being able to travel! But now I am staying very busy and working more than I have before, it seems 🙂

Interviewer: That’s great! Are you currently working on any interesting projects?

Galina Antonova: We are working on a new issue for Vprcommag! I can’t wait to show it to you guys

Interviewer: That’s great! We can’t wait to see it! What do you think the future holds for the Fashion Industry right now?

Galina Antonova: I believe because of global economic instability in 2020 the Fashion industry is facing major uncertainty. The industry has already been under major scrutiny from a sustainability point of view and now that most Fashion Weeks 2020 have been canceled the future of Fashion looks very troublesome. However, I do think we will see a paradigm shift in behavior of consumers towards a more ethical consumption which in turn will force the industry to adjust.

Interviewer: Why were Fashion Weeks so important to the Fashion industry? Can’t we just have them virtually?

Galina Antonova: Well for influencers Fashion Weeks are like conventions where we get to see each other and show off our outfits and at the same time wear our favorite brands so it’s a big instagram moment! In other other words, it brings a lot of PR to both influencers and brands, not to mention it stimulates the economy of the city where Fashion Week takes place! However, given the global outlook a lot of events have been moving to being virtual in order to survive.

Interviewer: Do you think we will have another Fashion Week in 2020?

Galina Antonova: I don’t believe so, I think 2020 is done with Fashion Week!

Interviewer: I heard you attended the Big Four Fashion Weeks back in February in 2020 right before national lockdown?

Galina Antonova: Yes, it’s true! 

Interviewer: Can you describe your experience?? Was it your first time attending all Four?

Galina Antonova: It was spectacular to attend the Big Four Fashion Weeks back to back and see the dynamics and the difference in how four different counties did it!! One of the most unique experiences in my life, I met a lot of talented designers and made a lot of friends.

Interviewer: What Fashion Week was your favorite?

Galina Antonova: Milan Fashion Week for me, I just love the welcoming culture of Italian people and they have very talented designers. I truly had the most fun during Milan Fashion Week! 

Interviewer: Well, thank you for taking the time to talk to us!

Galina Antonova: You are welcome, thank you for having me!

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