Famous People who used to Teach

Teachers are vital people in society since they drill knowledge into our brains. For these celebrities, it is hard to imagine they went through the hassle of becoming a teacher before blowing up.

Here are the celebs who used to teach prepared by Write My Essay Today.

  1. Gene Simmons

He taught 6th Grade in Harlem for six months before the formation of their band. After some time, he quit pursuing fame. He said the reason he left is upon the discovery of why he started teaching, to be on stage, and to get noticed by people. He said the platform was too small for him, and instead of 40 people, he wanted 40,000.

  1. Sting

Gordon Matthew, his real name, was a certified primary school teacher in England. He also subsidised this as a soccer coach. When his solo career blew, he quit teaching. Years after quitting the job, he still says that teachers are the most underpaid people on the planet.

  1. J.K Rowling

He is the writer of the iconic Harry Potter series. Before venturing into the franchise, J.K Rowling got hooked to an advertisement on The Guardian while in Portugal to teach English as a foreign language. He had a schedule to teach English during the night, and during the day, he got busy by writing the chapters of the first novel.

  1. Sylvester Stallone

He attended the American College in Switzerland in the 1960s. During this time, he would teach gym classes to earn extra money to use while abroad.

  1. Alexander Graham Bell

He was inspired to invent the telephone as he worked as a teacher in London, teaching the deaf. After successfully creating the phone in 1876, he still went on to tutor students on an individual level.

  1. Robert Frost

In the early stages of his career, Robert Frost was teaching at Pinkerton University, located in Derry. He was nicknamed “The Hen Man’ by his students. It was because he was afraid of chickens.

  1. Liam Neeson

He trained to become a teacher in England. He later dropped off the chase after he broke into a fight with a student and punched his right on the face. He said the kid did not want to settle down and was aiming to disrupt the class. When the kid pulled a knife on him, he punched him.

  1. Mr. T

Before joining professional wrestling in the 1980s, Mr. T worked as a gym instructor in Chicago. After training as a teacher, he successfully won a scholarship and attended Prairie View A&M University.

  1. Andy Griffith

Before he gained popularity to become a household name, Andy taught music and Drama in North Carolina after earning a Bachelor of Music degree. He was studying at the University of North Carolina.

  1. Billy Crystal

He formed a comedy trio together with his two friends shortly after moving to New York City to chase his dream of becoming an actor. He then spent much of his time performing in coffee houses and colleges. To put food on the table, Billy Crystal worked as a teacher on Long Island.

  1. Sheryl Crow

She majored in music education at the University of Missouri in Columbia. Later, she tried teaching music in St. Louis at an elementary school. She ditched the job after she moved to Los Angeles to chase her solo career in 1986.