Everything about composing From the point of view of Shahab Akbari, a famous composer

Does the composer need to know how to play?

The composer must be able to play an instrument and be familiar with the piano. Because the composer usually uses the instrument when making a piece and also applies the tone and mood of the piece. Of course, playing the instrument is not mandatory, and a composer can compose according to his knowledge of music and only by whispering.

Composing based on principles

After learning an individualization and reaching a standard level in theory, he should now learn the principles of composition. These principles actually include how to compose a melody, write the right accompaniment, compose, and finally create a strong harmonic structure. There are many people who can not write even two notes but consider themselves composers!

Is this profession just creating music?

In our country, there is a misconception that everyone who creates a song considers himself one of the composers, when in fact we can only call these people melodists or songwriters !! Those who do not have the knowledge of notation and use only sound to create melodies, these people, as mentioned, are only melodies or songwriters.

Composing and talent

Undoubtedly, someone who is talented in any work will definitely succeed. There are those who have gone to university, but in their field of work, for example, composing, they are not very good composers. In fact, it should be said that talent plays an important role in composing They misinterpret the sentence and think that because they have talent, they should not follow principles anymore. If talent is a necessary condition, but it is not enough, because you have talent, stay away from principles !! Because that talent may grow in a negative direction, growing here is a key concept. A person who has talent has a permit to enter, but there is no guarantee for his proper growth !! Maybe grow up with that wrong license!

The steps and methods of composing in different styles of music may be different. For example, in pop music and its genres, the composer composes a live instrument (guitar or piano) according to the song being composed, extracting chords and melodies. We know that before this stage, the composer must have learned the science of music in a scientific and principled way. Harmony, harmony, counterpoint, orchestra conducting, etc. are some of the things that a composer should be familiar with.