Equestrian to Top Model : Billy Arora

How a former equestrian turned into one of Canada’s most demanded fashion models.

Billy Arora used to travel the world as a professional athlete which years after unravelled into a full time modeling career.

She was an equestrian for twelve years as you can see her post and speak about on her social media platforms. The green eyes mannequin was seen every year at the world renowned Winter Equestrian festival also known as “WEF” located in Wellington, Florida. Horseback riding has clearly taken her not just over the USA but also throughout Europe as she would travel to Germany and the Netherlands. 

Towards the end of Billy’s equestrian career she was trying to juggle modeling full time and competing as an equestrian but she ultimately chose to pursue her modeling career and since then we have seen the Canadian model take off.

She has been in top campaigns worldwide and as well as editorials such as L’officeil, Grazia and Vogue. She juggles her time between New York and Los Angeles and flies out regularly to shoot in Europe.

Make sure you follow her journey on @dontbebilly