Easy way to change your iPhone’s text size for a particular app

Easy way to change your iPhone’s text size for a particular app

Now and again you need the content in your application to be more modest, so you can fit more content on a solitary screen. Now and again you need it to be greater, particularly in case you’ve been putting off purchasing those reading glasses. Yet, as of not long ago, in the event that you had an iPhone, you needed to pick a solitary book size as a norm for all your applications.

Not any longer. In iOS 15, you can change the text size independently for each of your applications. So you can, for instance, save the text little for your email, yet make it somewhat bigger in Twitter — or the other way around. (Because of @OmarShahine for the information.)

On the off chance that you have the public beta of iOS 15 installed, here’s the means by which you can change the content size for each application.

To begin with, you need to ensure the “Text Size” option is in your iOS Control Center:

  • Swipe from the upper-right corner to gain to your Power Center. Verify whether “Text Size” is there.
  • On the off chance that it isn’t, quit Control Center and go to “Settings” > “Control Center.”
  • Under the “More Controls” subhead, discover “Text Size” and tap the in addition to sign on the left to add it to your included controls. This will add it to your Control Center.

Whenever that is done, it’s easy to tweak the text size for each application:

  • Open the application that you need to configure.
  • Swipe from the upper-right corner to will Control Center.
  • Tap the “Text Size” icon (the one with the little and enormous A’s).
  • At the lower part of the screen, you’ll see a switch on the left for that particular application (for instance, the left half of the flip will say “Twitter Only,” and the right side will say “All Apps.”) Move the toggle to the left.
  • Whenever that is done, utilize the fundamental control in the center of the screen to set the content size for that application, and afterward tap anyplace on the screen to return to the Control Center.
  • Swipe up to dispose of the Control Center and you’ll get back to your application. You should see the distinction in the content size promptly — however that distinction won’t be reflected in other applications.

Furthermore, obviously, assuming you need to switch back to a standard text size, simply return to the Control Center, select “Text Size,” and move the base flip to “All Apps.” But know that you’ll be resetting all your applications to that text size.

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