Dr Parwiz Daud – An astute entrepreneur, an astonishing leader and a charismatic business personality

Despite his rewarding duties as a medical doctor, Dr Daud has demonstrated exceptional skills in mentoring, networking, coaching, leadership and entrepreneurship, and has earned himself a name in the world of business and financial technology

Of all the industries, fintech has perhaps garnered the most attention and buzz in recent years, thanks to the advancements and continuous technological developments. Those who embraced the fintech uprise have seen tremendous success and made equally impressive gains that dwarf anything achieved in the forex or stock market in the last decade. However, this market is still in its infancy, and Dr Daud, a proficient consultant within this sector, is driven to help as many people prosper from this exponentially growing landscape as possible.  

Dr Parwiz Daud is a London-based medical doctor with a masters in Diabetes and Endocrinology from the University of Leicester, where he also worked briefly as a lecturer. 

Today, an accomplished entrepreneur, he thrives on consulting companies and educating people on how to improve their financial literacy.

Dr Daud turned from treating ailments to addressing the root cause, something he believed the medical industry has little interest in. His take is that chronic conditions are too often the result of poor lifestyle decisions, uninformed choices made by lack of proper education and financial constraints. 

Some years back, Dr Daud realised that educating and financially empowering people could significantly impact their general health and well-being. Such a position would make for a great foundation and increase the likelihood of leading a more financially sound life. In the long run, this can reduce stress, increase disposable income and allow access to healthier, safer options that tend to carry a higher price tag. This was Dr Daud’s inspiration and what led him to alter the course of his career drastically. 

The direct sales industry allowed him to realise that he would impact more lives through financially empowering people than he could ever hope to achieve working in a hospital. So he entered the world of network marketing and took it by storm. Climbing through the ranks and building a global organisation, Dr Daud, within a few years, became one of the highest-earning MLM earners in the world. A doctor turned globe-trotter, he was flown to multiple countries across numerous continents by popular demand to deliver talks on leadership and growing organisations with momentum.

A passionate educator, Dr Daud and his business partner acquired a London-based college at the end of 2018. Currently, he is working on transforming this into an e-learning platform to achieve his lifelong goal of improving people’s health by empowering them through education and financial literacy. This will be accessible not only to the privileged few in the west but also to people worldwide.

The philanthropic effort of Dr Daud has endured over the past twenty years. He has taken part in several charitable organisations not only as a participant or 

a volunteer but has also founded numerous projects to aid the less fortunate. His work includes providing primary medical care, food, education, and digging wells. 

To connect with this brilliant individual, visit his LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-parwiz-daud/?originalSubdomain=uk