Dom Singh, to become the first ever Sikh-American to turn IFBB Pro!

Damanjeet Singh, known as “Dom Singh” was born into a family of Jatt Sikh Punjabi’s, and raised as a Sikh. By the time he was 9, his parents made the decision to move to the United States to chase the American Dream. Shortly after, he immigrated to the US and settled in Philadelphia with his immediate family. It didn’t take long to resent the idea of this move as he experienced his first initial culture shock, the people, food, language, all felt so unfamiliar. Feeling segregated, he despised going to school since the language barrier amongst him and his peers and teachers made him feel like a stranger in his own skin.

On the contrary, it was around that time, that he started to partake a special interest in sports. He started lingering around the playground after school to play soccer and basketball. For him, soccer and basketball were not just sports, it was his source of communication, it allowed him to interact with individuals on different levels. As for his name, with the help of his middle school soccer coach’s constant mispronunciation, it was then Damanjeet, the boy from Karnal, India, transitioned to the Dom from Philly.

His passion for bodybuilding did not start overnight; he began lifting at the age of 17 by just watching YouTube videos of professional bodybuilders such Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman and Phil Heath.

Dom Singh made his debut in Bodybuilding on October 2014, where he placed 2nd in Open Middleweight Class and 2nd in Novice lightweight class at NPC Big Cat Classic in Allentown, PA. Subsequently, three weeks later, Singh, competed at NPC Northern USA Championships in Harrisburg, PA, placing 1st in Novice lightweight and 2nd in Open Middleweight. In October 2017, Singh, competed in NPC East Coast Championships, placing 1st Place Novice and 2nd Place Open Class A. Following 2017 NPC Lee Haney Games in Atlanta, GA, where he placed 2nd Place Open Class B, qualifying him for National Level. He is currently in training to compete as a National Level Classic Physique competitor later on in the year.

“My passion comes from within but it’s ignited by the tremendous support my Desi community gives me. I have a huge following on my Instagram (@dominat0rr) and my goal is to use this platform to inspire our youth to stay away from drugs and come into fitness lifestyle.” Dom Singh said when asked what influences him.