Music is one of the most beautiful things to exist in the world. Everyone listens to different genres of music. It has the ability to impact lives to a great extent. Millions of musicians work day and night to produce tracks that people love. But music constantly changes with time. Because today’s generation is different from yesterday’s, the music business has altered to reflect this. The evolution of music covers a wide range of topics. It has evolved lyrically and even the technicalities have progressed. Electronic music is one such example.

An artist who has established himself in this genre is Mohammad Reza Sadeghi. Popularly known as DJ Phellix, he was born on 28 April 1988 in Tehran, Iran. He completed his graduation in IT Engineering and Gemology. Since the young age of fifteen, DJ Phellix has been devoted to his love for music. Rock and modern music are his strong points of interest. Exploring new forms, he began producing electronic dance music in the Oriental style in 2016. He has a huge contribution in popularizing this form. A major reason behind his success is his patriotism. He wants music lovers to know and admire the beauty of Persian music. In order to achieve this, he combines the ancient with the modern forms. This way his young followers are introduced to their traditions and roots.

As a musician who serves a niche audience, he always makes it a point to listen to their needs. His skills of arranging tracks and understanding people’s expectations accompanied with his knowledge of audio softwares has given rise to a new path in his career. He is a recognised DJ and works with topline artists. His albums have been released across multiple music streaming platforms. He has over 2.5 million streams on Spotify and over 1.5 million streams on SoundCloud! His Instagram, Facebook and other social media accounts are rapidly growing. He posts relevant content consistently, keeping his fans hooked all the time. They love to know about their favorite artist’s life events and albums that he is currently working on. He also ensures to interact with his fans on a daily basis through his pages. This has helped him build a strong relationship with them.

Currently, DJ Phellix is working on many new albums and will even go on tours and gigs to inspire his fans, earning their love and respect. Make sure to check out DJ Phellix on his social media platforms to know more and keep listening to his music.