DJ Mark Da Spot and his experience in the music industry

DJ Mark Da Spot and his experience in the music industry

Since meeting Justin Timberlake and in the upscale and exclusive New York club, the DJ Mark Da Spot’s (MDS) career has taken off from Montego to the Bronx and now from LA. After Timberlake requested his DJ, MDS traveled to LA to take over the nightclub scene. Since Prince’s attention was received by the Funk and Oldies mixing of Mark Da Spot, he later organized some super-star parties and even visited with him for years to come. 

DJ Mark Da Spot has always been the favorite side of his career to go abroad for concerts. While collaborative efforts were an enormous achievement, MDS pointed out that his most incredible honor was the life-changing experience of DJ’ing for the Iraqi troops. With Top Floor Entertainment, he broadened his portfolio, helping him get started quickly and displaying his expertise in coordination and promotion of events.

Well, how he met Justin Timberlake? In New York, he knew Justin Timberlake. He had a Limo business, and Justin Timberlake was one of his frequent customers. He was interested in MDS custom cars, and he thought he had made him an ordinary client. However, he soon started giving Timberlake his mixtape CDs and playing them as he drove him around the capital. One day, Timberlake invited him to the NSYNC music group’s DJ MTV after-party.

He was his full-time chauffeur and DJ after DJing the event. They went on tour, and he begged MDS to come with him when it was time for Justin Timberlake to move to Los Angeles. The area and industry in Hollywood, chauffeur Justin Timberlake around town, became known to MDS. They worked together for about eight years, and MDS started djing and networking on the West Coast and worldwide while he continued his career in acting.

MDs have worked with many great artists, DJs, producers, and groups. So, he has a tedious knowledge of the music industry. There will undoubtedly be many things he has learned from them. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with several influential and inspiring musicians. He has learned from each artist/producer that hard work and commitment are vital to staying alive in this music business, directly or indirectly. It can look simple from the outside, but people he knows are hard-working people in this music business. You have to struggle to ascend the ladder, much like every other career.

Mark Da Spot believes that you should spend time learning your craft, and you can better yourself over time. Once you trust your skills in your city, start networking. You would need to do some professional activities in your career to get your foot connected and create relationships. You have to work for a residency consistently, therefore try to train and learn even though you believe you are the best. Foster yourself, then! MDS is proud to promote himself and his brand, allowing him to reach where he is now. Anything is possible if you believe in yourself. You will become impassive until you have strong confidence in your vision.Don’t forget to visit MDS’s Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/djmarkdaspot/.

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