Dj and Producer Musata: “The way to success is not easy, gotta work hard to achieve”

You probably already know Musata as one of the most popular DJs and producers in Asia, what many don’t know is how he managed to become so influential in the Asian entertainment industry and how he got around. 

Musata has been working hard to chase his dream, he approached the music industry when he was still in his hometown Karaj in Iran when he was still a teenager, after many years of gigs around Iran he decided to give a boost to his life and career moving to Turkey aiming to become one of the best DJs in Asia.

Influential through the music:

The Iranian Dj became one of the most influential in the continent also thanks to his brilliant idea to found our music, a group that aims to organize parties and to spread a mix of culture and concept common in Europe and Asia, as predicted the idea started to kick in since the begin and the success is guaranteed. 

Musata made an important connection in Tehran since the beginning and this helped him to get known around Asia as well, that’s when he decided to found the Musata Music label, encouraged by the growing techno scene around Asia and due to his strong European background he managed to combine these elements which revealed to be working very well. 

Believe in your dream:

Musata wants to remark how important was for him to believe in what he was doing and that was mainly the key for his success, even if he had to fly to the other side of the world from Europe to Asia he still did it so he could be able to keep chasing his dream until when he caught it.