Divyam Agarwal: The guy who makes people famous on the internet

Divyam Agarwal: The guy who makes people famous on the internet

Divyam Agarwal is a digital marketing expert and a successful social media influencer. He is a self-made millionaire who owns three companies which are SWAGGER DEEVS, The Real Preneur, and Deevs Mp3.

Divyam Agarwal is born on 1st August 2001. He is raised in Bareilly, Uttarpradesh. He is one of the youngest business tycoons in India. At a very young age, he started his digital venture. Mr. Divyam is known as the Pioneer of Digital Entrepreneurs in India. He is currently supposed to be making an average turnover of more than 1 million in just 1 Year. Deevs Mp3 is doing incredibly well on social media.

Today, Divyam has an outstanding track record in the market. He is an inspiration for numerous teens and young adults who also aspire to make it big on the social scene. He is also the reason why many people have had the chance to live their dreams, to have their own spotlight.

Divyam has a broad clientele and has a strong understanding of all of them. He has helped a lot of social workers, politicians, singers, and YouTubers, by creating their brands and also a strong online presence. Divyam is very experienced, with over 15k satisfied clients in over 50+ countries. He focuses on creating a positive online presence for them and also, he helps them in getting over the technical difficulties in their campaigns.  He gets them verified on social media platforms as well as helps with providing technical support to people.

With each passing day, each thing is becoming digitalized, for which it’s hard for most people to understand the digital platform. As the best digital marketer, Mr. Agarwal helps these people to counter these difficulties. 

Divyam has an excellent resume. He has work experience with more than 15k global clients and even more than 50 multinational companies. He is a powerful motivator for today’s generation. He has started his digital marketing career at the age of only 10. He never thought he can make such a big impact worldwide. With hard work and consistency, he has accomplished everything today. He says has had an interest in the digital field for a long time now.

Divyam is grateful to the people, who were with him during his difficult journey. Both in his work and schooling, his parents, other family members, his friends, and his followers have supported him throughout his entire struggle. He is still a student himself and is currently coping with his studies as well as his dream company. Even with the pressure of education on his mind, he has made India proud as a renowned digital entrepreneur.

Divyam is someone in the market who can be trusted by his clients. He has also helped many people achieve justice in case of cyberbullying and fraud. Currently, he is helping the youngsters to be successful in their work and he is working on multiple big projects with some multinational companies and their singers to help them develop their brand value.

To know more about Divyam Agarwal, you can follow him on on Instagram

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