Director Amjad Alsaboory talks about the art of filmmaking

If you are just moving into the realm of film making, you may have a lot to learn from the veterans or the successful personalities who have achieved big enough in the industry. One such Australian film maker cum photographer who has been able to carve a niche for himself is none other than Amjad Alsaboory.

He is just 33 and has been able to achieve the best results in this shortest possible time span of his career. He has been able to make over 15 films which include both feature films and telefilms. A few of the prominent films that he has made include Monson Morant, Ahomaria, and Fimeni Arabi Movie.

Based on his success, he has a few tips for the beginners in film making. He did answer a few questions that should be helpful enough for the beginners to get into the art of filmmaking.

He has been into the broadcast industry for over 12 years and ventured into the direction around 6 years ago. He even began making scripted films five years ago. He has recently been into the wedding film industry and has begun working on the project called ‘SHOOTIME’. The team behind the project has been into getting the film into the film festivals. Based on the response, the game will be taken ahead into the sales agents and a distribution team.

Amjad has a good advice for the film makers who have been planning to enter the industry. He advises them on focus on the concept of storytelling rather than working with the technical stuff. Amjad Alsaboory considers the visual storytelling can be more effective than the other options in helping you carve a niche for yourself in the filmmaking industry.

In fact, he even goes to the extent of claiming that even when you have a normal story, you can work it go wonderful if you are capable of visualising your story in the best possible manner. If you really understand the effects of the story and build it in the best possible visualisation concept, you would definitely be able to make it much powerful and stunning in its own right.

Alsaboory also claims that it is essentially important to create a team and work with a team spirit. Never share your creative ideas with anyone else except your team. A creative team would be the key to a successful career in the realm of film making. Make sure you keep your movies, film or even the short films entirely short and sweet. This will help you achieve the best results with enough off emotion. In fact, the art of story telling involves making an all out effort at keeping your audience stay interested in your content. This would be useful and practical enough for almost all your needs in creating an engaging content and shows.

Amjad Alsaboory has been able to achieve the best ever successful career in terms of his capabilities. His inputs would work as one of the best options for achieving the best possible achievements in terms of achieving the best performance as a film maker. Check out his inputs and share your thoughts.