Dilawar Singh Setting an Example for Others with his Talents and Knowledge

Singh is the co-owner of five different companies working in five various industries.

For some people, the world is not enough; this means that they have a quest to find new opportunities to excel at everything that comes across their path in life & keep learning. One such dynamic personality & mind is Dilawar Singh. He is a man who grew up in countries like India, Norway & Germany & learnt five languages while growing up. He wanted to fulfill his dream of becoming sportsman as he had a sports family background, but as fate would have it, he thought he missed the right opportunities in life to start a career early in the same. So, he tweaked a bit of his dream & shifted focus on becoming a sports teacher.

While completing his degree for becoming a sports teacher in Hamburg, Germany; Singh worked day & night not only to study at the sports school but also to work various jobs & trainings. Before even completing his studies, he received several offers in his career. His first month salary gave Singh a different level of satisfaction. However, he thought he wanted more & so to achieve bigger success in life; he looked out for other opportunities that could help him achieve that. This is because Singh believes in one thing – The hungrier you are, the faster you win. It is this hunger for newer opportunities in life that makes a person come closer to success.

Singh never wanted to get trapped in the regular five days a week job & so he decided to try his hand at network marketing. Even with very less knowledge, Singh took risks & the chances & started his career in the field. It was one of his friends who was also a sports teacher who made him enter the network marketing industry. Admitting how difficult it was to convince people about products/services, he faced a lot of struggles & failures initially. But, he never gave up, in fact, he continued on his path till he got success & even after that.

After his rigorous working hours, Singh got his first small success in the field of sports through a person who contacted him through his social media. He pushed himself even more at every opportunity he got. At the same time, he even learnt from the stories of other successful people, their mindset, routines, work, etc. He learnt from them what not to do to avoid making mistakes in work & made it a secret of success.

What’s interesting about this man is that today, he is a full-fledged businessman who co-owns five different businesses in five different fields. The companies he co-owns are based in fields of FOREX, BROKERAGE, EXCHANGE, TRADING and BANKING & are interconnected. To his credit, he is the co-owner of Omegapro (www.omegapro.world) which is only a two year old company but which is the world’s fasting growing company based on Forex Trading. It works in more than 100 countries & has a rich clientele of 100000 clients worldwide. He also is the co-founder of OMP Money (www.ompmoney.com) in the UK, which is an online banking platform spread across 100 countries.

“Be a game-changer. The world is already full of players” is what Singh suggests other aspiring entrepreneurs. He also believes that hard time teaches us valuable lessons; hence one must always learn from such instances in life & keep the vision clear in life to achieve the goals.

Today Singh feels that he has yet achieved only 50% of what he wishes to accomplish in the next two years. He has reached a stage where he has more time for his family & can even afford things in life which he once dreamed about.

In the end, Singh also advises people to stay away from any kind of negativity & before starting their careers understand the WHAT WHY HOW WHEN & know their definition of success.

You can follow him on instagram @ https://instagram.com/dilawarsingh001

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