Digital Marketing Expert Rei Prendi: “My passion for digital marketing helped me excel in the field”

Social Media is like a mirror to the mind of our world. It’s also a platform where the intrepid dance of ideas and challenges are often breaking new grounds. From Youtube to IG TV, Facebook, and Instagram, content is now ruling the four corners of the digital world. It’s the playground for the young-minded, for those who love challenges, and for 24-year-old Albanian digital marketing expert Rei Prendi whose social media venture “” catapulted him to fame.

The young social media sensation walks down the memory lane as he remembers the time when he was just discovering his need and eventually his love for coding and digital marketing. He says, “Although was launched in 2012, my journey started in 2010 in Albania when my Facebook account got hacked. I was very worried about this and started coding, learning about bugs, security issues, basically gaining all the knowledge I could regarding different digital crises.” Barely in his teens, the-then fourteen-year-old was “at high school and the only thing I wanted to do was work on my stuff all day long and learn new, innovative ideas.” He started early, but he didn’t start slowly. In the next two years, the young gun dedicated all his time and energy to creating on Instagram.

Eight years down the line, boasts of “more than 1000 clients.” As a social media expert, Rei knows that numbers speak and understands what they mean. According to him, “Most people count success in numbers. I do too. But that’s not where I stop. In a way, that’s where I begin. I start probing into reasons that cause failure and ones that generate success and I found that the reason behind’s success is a cliché.” A cliché that works and is defined by “the close relationship I share with my clients and partners and the fact that my efforts to find solutions to problems are being seen as authentic and honest.”

Authenticity and honesty, two virtues that have stood the test of time and life, are indeed behind the greatest successes the world has ever seen. And perhaps it comes a little easier for those who love what they do and manage to do it every chance they get. Says Rei, “this work is an adventure for me and I am a workaholic, so for me, hustling is incorporated in my lifestyle 24/7.” His perpetual availability is very likely a source of relief and reliability among his clients.