Despite Amazon’s big news announcement, Urent still remains a player in the market

Despite Amazon’s big news announcement, Urent still remains a player in the market

The e-commerce giant Amazon has announced the launch of online car rental services in the UAE. The service, launched through Amazon Home Services for customers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and Ras Al Khaimah, will offer customers across the country options to rent out SUVs, hatchbacks and sedans for a period of one day to one month.

In line with guidelines issued by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), the car rental service provider selected through Amazon Home Services will reach out directly to customers to request a copy of their Emirates ID, driver’s licence, passport visa page, and credit card to secure their bookings.

This news might sound interesting to the tourists in UAE. But, the competitor ‘Urent’ will still be the biggest player in the market. Eyeing a 200-300% growth in revenue in the last 6 months is a big concern. Urent has also outperformed its Canada-based competitor ‘Turo’.

This UAE-based startup was founded by Omar Al Ashi, a University of Toronto graduate, and Gregorian Holt (CTO) in 2018. Urent is an online marketplace that offers the opportunity for businesses & individuals to utilize & monetize their depreciating assets by listing their vehicles for rent.

Urent redefines mobility in the tech space, while enabling a platform that will help traditional vehicle rental companies shift their entire business online. Moreover, the hosts on Urent will be able to list their fleet (Cars, Yachts, Jetskis, Atv’s, Motorcycles, just to name a few) while having multiple in-app features (i.e My Garage, in-app wallets, and rating systems) & have their fleet listed to Renters who wish to rent their fleet on the platform.

Omar Al Ashi, CEO of Urent, says that “the startup is not limited to UAE. We are also working on expanding the business in different countries and hiring new employees to become a part of the upcoming potentate of the global car-rental industry.”

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