Creating a fashion mania in the Indian markets already even before its launch is WeIN, offering superior quality and comfortable clothing line

WeIN has totally explored the madness and the crazy requirements that especially women have for vogue and sophisticated clothes that too at economical prices.

People know that the clothing and fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with so many brands trying to list themselves in the elite group of fashion company titans. However, only a few get a chance of their lifetime to prove their mettle. After the exit of Shein, a Chinese company from India selling affordably rated women fashion apparel line; many Indian brands have shown interest in launching their own apparel collection online. WeIN stands at the forefront of these new companies that promise to bring in a new wave of fashion in India and make people fall head over heels for their newness and creativity they bring along with their brand.

WeIN has sworn to offer an exquisite range of clothing and apparel to both women and men with a size-inclusive collection that can serve as the best alternative to Shein India. Online shopping will soon see a new high with ladies falling for dresses and other comfy outfits from WeIN and the craziness for the economically priced apparel line would sustain because it is a 100% made in India company.

WeIN is an exciting offer that would cater to all the fashion needs of people with a section called “PLUS FOR US, Embrace your curves“, specially curated to cater to people of all sizes ranging till XXL. They would also be providing a chance to get rewards from the brand with their loyalty program, just like Shein did.

Going all local with their professional and learned team, technology and skills, WeIN has made a promise to itself and our country to promote the initiatives of Vocal for Local and Make in India as they maximized these opportunities for itself and is now all set to get launched next month, mid of August.

They are constantly working on the mission of providing fashion that is modestly rated and which still offers customers superlative quality clothing, made exclusively to fulfill the fashion demands of many and created and developed purely in India. Their vision is also getting India independent in the fashion industry with an affordable apparel line which customers can trust more and develop the feeling of oneness.

Right now, they are focused on catering more fashion demands of women between 16 to 24 years; however, they will also offer a suave collection for men. Changing the dynamics of the fashion landscape in India is WeIN which will surely create a rage as soon as it gets officially launched. To get an update on them, follow them on Instagram at –

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