COVID-19 and Drug Abuse – Unfortunate Turn of Events

It was 2019; the world was waiting for a new decade, hoping for something better. But fate had something else in store; a virus that shook the earth to its core. Millions lost their lives, and countless lost their sanity. For those who survived, it was only a matter of time before they succumbed to the tragedies that COVID-19 brought. One of them was drug abuse.

Today’s discussion is about how drugs became a move for comfort for people.

Insane Rise in Drug Abuse Cases During COVID-19

Drug overdoses have soared during the pandemic, especially in the United States. Statistics suggest that during the 12 months ending in April 2021, more than 100,000 people lost their lives due to drug overdose. It was a setback for the medical professionals as they struggled to prevent virus-related deaths and reduce drug intake. The consumption of drugs, like opioids and methamphetamine, skyrocketed during this time.

Weakened Immune System

COVID-19 was already causing problems for those with weak immune systems or chronic illnesses. But excessive drug usage further escalated the problem as it significantly weakened the immune systems. So, instead of taking care of ourselves, drugs found their way into our system and started wreaking havoc.

Lack of Belief

A possible cause of increased drug abuse during the pandemic was that people lost faith in everything. The medical professionals continued to disappoint them while the government was running around like headless chickens. That’s when people chose to indulge in drugs to take their minds off of the situation. This helped them calm their nerves and blinded them from the people who weren’t doing anything to improve the situation. 

Dana Axelrod’s book, The Real Truth, shares that lack of belief is one of the reasons for drug abuse. The author suggests that there’s only one way to get rid of negative addiction—to have a spiritual connection with the Creator. Having that instinctual consciousness can keep one in line against all negative thoughts and addictions.

Time for Healing

After learning that the problem lies within the belief, it’s time to take the next step. Find that element that will help you heal and take you off drugs. And the best way to do that is to understand what that means. Dana Axelrod’s book can be the perfect aspect to ensure that you stay on track of righteousness and not let things like drugs persuade you. Order your copy of the book today at Amazon.