Cool small-business apps

Cool business apps boost productivity and ease the life of a small-business owner. Running a small business encompasses wearing several hats such as financial expert, communicator, and problem solver. An excellent business app might be the tool you need to boost organization and productivity or can even make your life easier as an entrepreneur. In this article, we explore several business apps and organize them into logical groups.

Finance and accounting apps

Helps users streamline business financial activities such as payroll and taxes. So, if you need accounting homework help, you can turn to My Homework Done or apps listed below.

Gusto: It makes business payroll, benefits, and tax processes efficiently. Besides, Gusto can manage online employee onboarding and new-hire reporting.

QuickBooks: It is suitable for running a business since it offers a sense of general business financial health.

FreshBooks: This app enables the owners of small business and freelance workers an opportunity to manage and monitor their invoices.

Wave: This is an accounting product suitable for sole proprietors, contractors, and small businesses with nine or fewer employees.

Apps for communication

Effective communication is essential for the day-to-day operations of small businesses.

Addappt: This app is for easy managing your contacts. It automatically updates contact information whenever there are changes.

Fuze: This a videoconferencing app for hosting online meetings from all devices, including tablets and iPads.

Pushover: This app can push messages to random smartphone and plans messages and alerts in one common space.

Slack: This instant messaging software can organize team’s conversations into separate public and private channels.

Skype: This app is best for video conferencing tasks. It is popular and effective, with over 10 million reviews.

Time management apps

Time is a valuable asset to all businesses.

RescueTime: This app helps monitor time spent on websites and apps and avails detailed reports of the user’s activity, hence giving a clear picture of how the was spend.

My minutes: This app helps set goals, hence helping users concentrate on a task and avoid wasting time.

OmniFocus: It is a personal task manager that allows users to create tasks and projects and then organize them into to-do lists.

TripIt: It helps travelers to consolidate travel plans to one essential itinerary that you can assess from anywhere and on any device

Apps for mobile payment

These apps allow a business to receive payments from clients on the go.

Paypal here: Paypal designed an app that allows a business to attach PayPal’s reader to electronic devices and to use it as a portable register.

Square: A payment app suitable for businesses such as retail shops, beauty salons, and food trucks.

Apps for organization

Allows business owners to stay on top of errands and work activities.

Asana: This app is suitable for enhancing business collaboration and communication. It is available as an app and a web-based product.

Boxmeup: This android app helps business owners to track bulk storage items, containers, and packages. Users can print QR labels.

Evernote: This app is for organizing notes. Users are at liberty to store and share business and personal notes, reminders, and to-do lists.

Trello: A simple and easy to utilize project management tool that helps track a team’s workflow. Every card on the Trello board is a representation of a task or assignment.

KanbanFlow:  Managers use this app to visualize general workflow, schedule due dates, file attachments, upload documents, and assign tasks.

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