Content Creator, Executive Producer, and CEO of 7 Emociones – Alexis Núñez Oliva

Television transmissions and broadcasts are a popular form of entertainment in Latin American countries, especially Mexico, due to the impact on social and family lives. Mass entertainment plays a primary role in developing and influencing the national and social culture of the country. Television occupies a primary role in the everyday lives of Latin Americans because it is the favorite pastime of most families. The popularity and prevalence of television are evident from the significant ratings that television shows and channels still rake in despite the emergence and rise of streaming platforms and digital media sites. Television channels continue to influence people’s viewing preferences due to the interesting content and preference for traditional content aired on the channels. The digital media and online streaming spheres are also dominated by content developed and created by television producers, directors, actors, editors, and writers due to their knowledge and experience of the audience’s priorities.

Television shows occupy a prominent place in South American and Mexican cultures due to their popularity among the masses. Television in Mexico revolves around three primary genres: telenovelas, political satire, and television sitcoms. Telenovelas are the most prominent television shows in Latin America due to viewers’ preferences for soap operas and drama series. Sitcoms and political satire shows are popular among Mexican audiences due to their appealing and compelling content. The most popular Mexican television stations include Televisa, TV Azteca, and Imagen television. The Televisa network is also the largest Spanish-language content producer worldwide, with numerous popular shows and programs. The network has come a long way since its inception in 1955 and became the number-one network due to the efforts of several producers, directors, actors, and other media personalities.

Producers, directors, scriptwriters, and actors are essential in popularizing television shows and generating ratings by producing creative and interesting content. Executive producers are also essential for developing content and shows that appeal to the masses and generate ratings for the television network. Alexis Núñez Oliva is an executive producer, writer, and audiovisual content creator with vast experience in radio and television production. He is among the pioneers of television programming in Mexico and one of the leading producers of Las Estrellas on the Televisa network. Núñez Oliva produced several popular television shows that continue to attract audiences to the Televisa network. He created the show Hoy based on the concept of a Mexican house that broke all rating records.

Alexis Núñez Oliva joined the Televisa network in 1997 to create several shows and programs as part of the renovation of Channel 2 of El Canal de las Estrellas. Some of the prominent shows produced by Núñez Oliva for Televisa 30 include Hoy, Con Todo, Buenas Tardes, Todo se vale, Se vale, Marta Susana, Fuera de la Ley, Duro y Directo, La Oreja, Qué Tarde tan padre, and Sabadazo. Núñez Oliva also became the General Director of FORO TV, previously Channel 4TV or Central 4. He also developed the Orgullosamente Latino awards in 2004 to acknowledge music artists’ work. Núñez Oliva became the Televisa Advisor for Univision in 2012 and transformed the production dynamics at the network. He also created the first diploma in television production to train individuals in various television production subjects. Núñez Oliva also created and produced the La 3ra en Discordia for Televisa’s Channel Unicable in 2019.

Alexis Núñez Oliva created the 7 Emociones production company in 2019 after working for 20 years in the television and radio industry and producing more than 20,000 hours of television programs. The 7 Emociones production company is a multiplatform content creation and television production company that creates and produces programs according to seven different emotions. Núñez Oliva established 7Emociones and became its CEO to spearhead numerous projects and productions. The 7 Emociones production company develops content, programs, and shows to represent seven human emotions, including anxiety, fear, anger, surprise, love, confidence, and happiness.

Núñez Oliva’s company develops content and shows to fulfill audiences’ demands for watching unique content based on different genres and emotions. Núñez Oliva did not let the COVID-19 pandemic falter his ambitions despite social distancing protocols and filming or production restrictions. He developed the first quarantine-based show, La Cuarentena, with a unique concept where producers, editors, writers, and cast members developed content while working from home. The cast members and production team worked from their homes in different cities, including Mexico City, Los Angeles, Miami, and Acapulco, while collaborating with team members in other cities.