Comments of the King of Memory of Iran on the Subject of Teaching and Becoming a Teacher

There are many paths to take to become a motivational and inspirational speaker. Based on my experience and the articles written by professional business coaches, to start a business in the field of education, you need to take ten basic steps, which are taken from the experience of the leading teachers of personal development and my personal experience.

Step 1: Be Realistic

When we talk of an influential and popular speaker, the image of a person in formal clothes comes to mind. This person stands among the fans, accompanied by a program manager, constantly traveling by plane from city to city, and has amassed great wealth. This might be the case for a successful speaker and coach, but when you are just starting, you have to be realistic and see the difficulties of this job. Many people pick this job because of the mentioned image and lose their motivation midway.

Step 2: I am not the type

Can everyone become a speaker and a teacher? The answer is no because this mainly depends on your personality type, innate character, and even values. Sometimes in some coaching courses, tips and advice are given to the applicants regardless of their personality type. Every year certain themes come into vogue, and many try them without considering their abilities. For example, in the 1990s, fields such as electrical and mechanical engineering and medicine were popular, and families, regardless of their children’s interests, wanted their children to study those disciplines.