Chef Faisal Ahmed Aldeleigan: The Story Of How He Changed His Fate After Following His Heart

It takes grit & courage to make your passion a profession & excel at it tremendously.

They say it is the passion of a person that makes an individual courageous enough to listen to their heart, follow what it says & then eventually attain the desires of life. People also believe that when one works towards their passion tirelessly, it automatically carves a path for them to show them the way to reach success. One such extraordinary chef we know of is Chef Faisal. This man went against all the odds in his life to take a second chance & become what he wanted to. With his efforts, he has gone beyond the conventional works of the society & sculpted a different career for himself where he lives his dream for the love for food.

Chef Faisal was a banker first before he dived deep into the field of food. Very soon in life, he had realised that dealing with people for money is not a very exciting job than offering food enthusiasts with the necessary guidance. Although Chef Faisal had a good-paying job in the banking sector, he thought he missed something & understood that his love for food would help him make a career in the same. So, to develop his cooking skills, he decided to take courses in the best cooking schools in Italy & England. As years passed by, his experience in the food industry increased & so did his passion for the same. This led him to become a member of the World Master chefs society. He even became the founder of Chef Faisal Consultancy.

His consultancy today finds privilege in guiding & advising numerous restaurants in KSA & Bahrain. He also provides over 100 consultancies in Saudi Arabia & Bahrain with a long list of establishments to help them with regards to training chefs, menu engineering, etc. He trains the chefs under him & tries to get the best out of them that makes them stand apart from others.

Chef Faisal says that when he had started this food journey, he had no idea what life will have in store for him. Deciding between a regular corporate job & a passion that would change his life forever, Chef Faisal chose his passion & took the first step towards the same with getting proper education & imparting the same knowledge to other food enthusiasts with guiding & giving them consultation on many related matters. He wishes to see restaurants running successfully under his guidance & consultation & offer more encouragement & inspiration to all those who need it.

The master of food also has an elaborate list of followers & fans on his social media & this seems to get increasing day by day. However, he also says that he doesn’t wish to measure his success based only on the number of followers, rather he wants to build as many successful consultancy services as he can & win everyone’s heart.

He also is the managing director of Bahrain’s Bun Bun Bistro. Chef Faisal believes that cooking is not an easy thing and one must know first to win their own heart before winning others’.

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