Chasen Nevett Increases Shareholder Value for Public Companies

Chasen Nevett Increases Shareholder Value for Public Companies

Every public has a fiduciary duty to increase shareholder value. Shareholder value is what is delivered to equity owners of a corporation because of management’s ability to increase earnings, dividends, and share prices. In other words, shareholder value is essentially driven by earnings per share (EPS) growth. Therefore, many public companies are often faced with a simple question: How can we accelerate growth without taking unnecessary risks? There are numerous risks associated with entering into a new market, launching a new product, investing in a real estate project, etc. However, one of the most overlooked risks is financing risk. Chasen Nevett, a financier based in Singapore, is able to mitigate financing risk for public companies.

Management teams of public companies are usually adept at creating innovative growth plans, but they are less adept at financing them. Chasen Nevett evaluates the growth plans of public companies by having a dialogue with the company’s leaders. Chasen Nevett is able to call upon his extensive industry knowledge to offer a tailored financing solution that’s perfectly suited for the public company. Chasen Nevett believes that financing should be both cost effective and flexible. Chasen Nevett understands that flexibility is crucial for companies that are facing an uncertain future, such as when entering into a new market. In Chasen Nevett’s opinion, backing the right entrepreneurs by financing their companies unlocks a tremendous amount of shareholder value.

By partnering with Chasen Nevett, companies know they are backed by long-term capital that will finance their growth plans. Projects can, oftentimes, take years to complete. Therefore, eliminating financing risk by partnering with Chasen Nevett is incredibly valuable for public companies. Stable financing, regardless of economic conditions, permits public companies to successfully implement growth plans that aim to deliver shareholder value in the long term. By eliminating financing risk, public companies can focus primarily on the operational risks associated with their growth plan. Public companies can now allocate their time to minimising operational risks to ensure that their growth plan has the highest possibility of success. Partnerships between Chasen Nevett and public companies can create uncontested growth opportunities that were previously considered unfathomable for management teams. Chasen Nevett is consistently redefining what is possible for his portfolio companies.

In summary, Chasen Nevett helps management teams of public companies increase shareholder value by financing projects that will deliver earnings growth. Optimising a company’s capital structure while delivering EPS growth is a simple way to raise its equity valuation. Chasen Nevett forges long-term partnerships with his portfolio companies and delivers solutions that maximise returns. Increasing shareholder value is easier said than done. However, Chasen Nevett finds that his success with his portfolio companies can be replicated with new companies that approach him. Chasen Nevett is always looking to form new partnerships with public companies that will create win-win solutions for all stakeholders while vastly increasing shareholder value.

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