Charting a success story like no other as a well-recognized aesthetic doctor, make way for Dr. Ines Mordente.

Dr. Ines Mordente, aka Doc Ines, has shown pure passion and love for the medicine world that has made her known as a respected dermatologist in the world.

No matter how much ever we speak about the many revolutions the world has been a witness to, it feels much more discussions are still needed. Ever wondered why? Because these revolutions were brought by the many influential and intelligent minds who rigorously worked towards spreading the good among others through their work. Serving as one of the greatest examples of one such doctor and specialist in dermatology is Dr. Ines Mordente from Italy. Her true passion for medicine helped her gain her degree in Medicine and Surgery at the Second University of Naples and helped her attain her specialization in Dermatology and Venereology at the Federico II University of Naples with full marks.

Only getting into the dermatology game was not her aim; Dr. Ines Mordente always worked towards coming up with ideas that could change the industry for the better, and thus she dived deep into aesthetic and dermo-aesthetic medicine using innovative therapeutic protocols, new generation techniques, laser, and surgical methodologies. This later, along with her two other founders, led her to initiate Medicinae, her specialized medical center in Naples with offices in Rome and Milan to focus on acne treatments, prevention, diagnosis, and also a unique method called Acne Revolution® method for bringing about a real revolution in the appearance of one’s skin.

She has immersed herself entirely in the medical domain and believes in learning every day something new that she can implement in her daily projects, activities, and procedures to ultimately give the most appropriate solutions to patients’ skin problems and cater to their specific needs. Dr. Ines Mordente says that she has a very broad patient target from VIPs to very normal people. A mentally serene but charismatic personality, Dr. Ines Mordente transmit this therapeutic tenacity to her patients in order to pour into their therapies and in the constancy and determination that it takes to achieve thanks to her Acne Revolution® method. Highlighting the same, she says they exalt the Acne Revolution® method, verticalizing the discussion on her competence in skin treatment with imperfections, particularly acne, both as a pathology and in the treatment of scarring and spots after.

Dr. Ines Mordente has remained a notable author of many publications on the PubMed channel. She is a professor of dermatology at various university masters, author of the book Acne Revolution®, and has acquired over 20,000 patients a year in clinics in Naples, Rome, and Milan for skin pathologies.

Instagram: @inesmordentedermatologa