Brian Condenanza: “COVID-19 has had an everlasting impact on entrepreneurship moving forward”

Just as it’s important to learn from your past, it’s also vital to keep one eye on the future if you’re planning on making your present as perfect and profitable as possible. All self-respecting entrepreneurs know this, and that’s why Brian Condenanza is already making big plans for 2021.

“COVID-19 pretty much turned everything on its head,” explained the 21-year-old businessman and investor from Buenos Aires, who added, “From top to bottom everything has changed. I’ve seen large swathes of businesses shut up shop literally overnight because of the pandemic, and entire industries have been brought to their knees. To survive we have all had to adapt to a ‘new normal’ and a new way of doing things. It’s also been a perfect time to look for new opportunities to prosper.”

Identifying and exploiting new opportunities is something Condenanza has a track record in. He’s proven a past master in discovering new trends and seeing the potential in new industries. Having already made a small fortune in the crypto market and making a prominent name for himself in the blockchain industry, the young Argentinian and TEDx speaker is now concentrating all his energies on angel investing.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, angel investing is where a high-net worth individual will provide financial backing for small startups or entrepreneurs in return for equity in their company or convertible debt.

An angel investor will take a risk on start-ups when many other investors refuse, because the risk of failure is relatively high. It’s a high stakes game but one which, in the wake of the pandemic, many entrepreneurs, such as Condenanza, are happy to play.

Condenanza explained, “COVID-19 has left the economy in dire need of a cash injection. Obviously everyone is being extremely cautious at the moment and waiting to see how things play out, but I’m a firm believer in the old adage, that fortune favors the brave.

“2021 will be the time for everyone to put their money where their mouth is and lead the economic revival from the front. As an angel investor I want to help as many individuals as possible get their ideas of the ground and realize their dreams. It takes money to make money, and I’m excited about what 2021 will bring.”