Box office Day 11 for Varisu vs. Thunivu (Global): Thalapathy Vijay Benefits From Saturday; Ajith Kumar? Not Really!

Day 11 of the Varisu vs. Thunivu box office (globally): The movies starring Thalapathy Vijay and Ajith Kumar had another chance to stand out at the box office. After a five-day long weekend and the Pongal celebrations, another weekend is coming up that might significantly aid in the financial success of these films. Did they, however, fully utilise the second Saturday? To view a comprehensive analysis, scroll below.

Vijay and Ajith’s high-profile box office battle has had a successful run at the box office for 11 days. Both films are now concentrating on their respective lifetime totals as a result of the blatant declaration of a winner. Pathaan is coming soon, and Shah Rukh Khan’s homecoming has generated a lot of buzz in the international market, thus the movies will suffer in the Hindi language. Will it stifle the boom? Only time will tell.

On the other hand, Thunivu has amassed a worldwide box office gross of 167.94 crores. India’s gross receipts are 119.94 crores, while its net receipts total 100.80 crores. The foreign market accounts for the remaining 49 crores in gross sales. Clearly, Thunivu, starring Ajith Kumar, has lagged behind the competition with 5.49 crores.

It will now be interesting to see how big of a Sunday Varisu and Thunivu can pull off. This will make it possible to get a decent lifetime number.