Bouncy New Single From JDaGr8 Helps Him Stay Established

JDaGr8 shines on his new single, “Stay Established”. His tone is strong and direct almost similar to a Kevin Gates or Big Gip. But what separates him from those fellow southern artists is region. JDaGr8 is a hometown hero from the city of Houston.

As somebody who has grown from the trenches in Houston, you can definitely hear it in his music. Over the bass riddled track, JDaGr8 raps about keeping it all together while he’s on a mission to get more.

As an artist who is not new to the game, the release of this single adds another quality record from the Houston spitter. He can add this banger to the ones that he has dropped in the past and you can definitely expect him to come with more. Being from the city of Houston comes with a lot and you can hear that he is bringing it on every song and lyrics.

“Stay Established” is a certified banger that can be played in the car, in the gym, or a basketball or football game. You can hear that he truly believes every word that he penned because his tone is direct and confident. Most importantly, this is not the last we will hear from the Houston rapper. Make sure you stream this on all DSP’s and check out JDaGr8 on Instagram for more updates and exclusives.

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